Carolina de la Cajiga

Studio 465

For de la Cajiga art is a balance between reality and imagination. She calls herself an illusionist and an interpreter. She does not follow trends, her interest is the transformation of reality to create artwork that shows the tension between intellect and intuition, enjoyment and surprise.

She is now working in the series, ‘City in Flux - Work in Progress’, which focuses on the hasty changes our cities are going through. Each artwork is composed of multiple photographs, sometimes as many as 50, stitched together, then altered and digitally painted to create new landscapes. The creation process involves architecture, engineering, city planning and lots of imagination.

Her art education is eclectic and continual, it started at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, followed by Langara, Capilano, Emily Carr, in Canada, the Art Institute in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, and the Academy of Realist Art in Seattle.

De la Cajiga has exhibited in Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and Venezuela. Her work is part of the West Vancouver Museum, the Business Council of BC, and the Richmond Hospital collections; and is in private collections in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Mexico, Spain, the U.S., and Venezuela.