Deborah Bakos

Studio 202 |

Deborah Bakos is an abstract / photo-based painter and a public art maker working in Vancouver. She is a founder of Parker Art Salon and a member of the all-female art collective 13 Feet Off The Ground. Deborah holds a Certificate of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and a Bachelor of Education in English/Fine Arts/Media Literacy from Simon Fraser University. Her works are exhibited in both public and commercial galleries with private collections held in international and local collections in Vancouver, Istanbul, Toronto and Treviso, Italy.

“My current photo-based paintings reimagine gender based messages in media and advertising. I use photographs of women over the past 100 years to explore and comment on relationship hierarchies that have tipped the scales in men’s favour.  By altering the contexts of these photographs, placing women centre stage, I aim to expose contradictions that create division and inequality.”