Maria Heo

Studio 218 | MariaHeo.com

Maria Heo is a Vancouver based textile artist who has an innate sense of pigmentation and textures. She spent her early years on a beautiful, subtropical island, where she was born, off the Southern most coast of South Korea and drew inspiration from its natural allure. She completed her Fine Arts Undergraduate Degree in Oil Painting and continued on with Textile Art for her Masters.

When she crossed over to Canada in 2000, she was pleasantly reminded of her lush island’s rich colours; the deep greens of forests and striking blues of lakes and far-reaching oceans. It was then her mixed media took its tangible shape, galvanized by her abundant exposure to nature’s best offerings.

Recently, she has also introduced jewellery as well as other textile accessories to her collection. She is an active member of MODU (Korean Artist Association) and her solo as well as group exhibitions are on-going.

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