Sonya Iwasiuk

I document pivotal moments or seemingly insignificant snapshots of the ordinary
revealing profound narratives of life both present and past.

My work is inspired by both the stories of my childhood and stories I have collected as
an adult. Some I know intimately, others have been entrusted to me, and particular
intriguing ones, I have investigated. Inspiration also comes from wandering through and
surveying my world.

Trying to grasp and then throw light on the incomprehensible; capturing the stories of our
world and its inhabitants, is vital for me. We are surrounded at once by intense beauty
and vitality and yet, at times, darkness and fragility take over. It’s hard to fathom the
implausible hardships people and the earth endure, but more unbelievable to me is hope
and the will to survive.

Though at times the figure is my focus, I am also drawn to abandoned places and
buildings because they too speak of people. Disconcerted characters and lonely entities
documented within my mixed media paintings, sculptures and translucent hangings, are
partially exposed and brought back to being. I often intensely research the histories of
people, places and particular events and by revealing the past I have realized how
strongly it speaks of the present. I progressively explore and experiment with different
materials and methods of rendering and presenting these portrayals.

My hope is that I will engage people and open connections to these stories of strangers
initiating empathy, consideration and maybe even introspection.